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 Inquiry files about the tables of associations whose donations are accepted
1. Lists of registered associations - under the Associations Law No. (51) of 2008 - affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development until 6/13/2015. To view and download click here (file size 148.15KB, file type Excel).

2. List of entities (charities) - or any private or civil society entity that has obtained a decision from the Council of Ministers individually. To view and download, click here (file size 9.78KB, file type Excel).

To view the inquiry services, please choose from the list below..

Verification of Registeration in national E-Invoicing SystemClick Here
Issuing a tax Number CertificateClick Here
Issuing a tax number certificate Click Here
Electronic clearance verification Click Here
Taxpayer inquiriesClick Here
Mechanism for calculating the individual and employee tax for the year 2019 or for the year 2020 and beyond.Click Here
Acceptable income tax returnsClick Here

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