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Welcome letter

Welcome Letter

The Director General Message

Ladies and gentlemenAfter Greetings and Respect …

This electronic window comes to maintain communication with you and to provide a complete, integrated and updated knowledge system for all information, legislative data and tax procedures necessary for all taxpayers and visitors of this site. All of us at Income and Sales Tax Department are proud of being the pioneers to render and provide our services to taxpayers through this website fully electronically, as the number of these services exceeded Sixty electronic services including all tax services that taxpayers need, inclusive requests and daily reviews and all of the other services provided by the Department to taxpayers and auditors. Today, any taxpayer can completely do without visiting the department's offices and employees, and obtain the tax services he needs electronically without any effort of visiting the department in person, and be satisfied with dealing through this electronic interface.

Dear taxpayer … The commitment stated by law includes that each taxpayer should submit tax returns correctly on time, and should pay the due tax on specified time stipulated by law; Therefore, all tax returns have been programmed on the electronic services program to be submitted electronically, in addition to providing an electronic payment service to make it easy for the taxpayers to pay their tax dues. Also, all laws, regulations, instructions, forms, manuals, and guides are available on this site in accordance with the latest legal amendments, in addition to providing a list of frequently asked questions to help taxpayers answer their questions and inquiries. And since knowledge is one of the sciences that are of interest to the advanced and developed societies, the department works to provide full and necessary tax knowledge for taxpayers through this site and seeks to spread tax awareness in order to achieve the strategic goals of the department and ensure that appropriate knowledge reaches everyone through the right time and way.

We appreciate your cooperation and we look forward to have you as real partners for us in serving the national economy. One of our top priorities in this department is cooperation and coordination with you and creating mutual trust between us, hoping that this relationship will continue on the basis that serves the country and the citizen. We will work hard together in achieving this by performing our duties as employees and citizens and fulfilling your rights guaranteed by law. Dear taxpayer... Please do not hesitate to ask for help and inquire about any ambiguous point via the department's e-mail, the taxpayers' services center, the department's pages on social media sites, WhatsApp service, or other means of communication available to everybody, considering that the department website includes all the Services, information, news and activities that interest you as partners. Our commitment as a tax administration to your rights in one hand and your implementation of your commitment on the other hand, is the sure guarantee to achieve the tax justice which is our ultimate goal

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