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Income and Sales Tax Department launched an e-government program in early 2005, which is considered the first e-government program to be implemented in government institutions and departments in the Kingdom , with the aim of providing    high-quality services leading to reduce the time and effort of the taxpayer so that he can get the service without visiting the department, wherever he was, whether inside or outside Jordan, this service is available all the time and along the year , so that the taxpayer can obtain the service all times and during Eids and public holidays.
The use of this program during the past years has reduced the burden of using paper and stationery in transactions on the citizen and the department, as well as
reducing the expense of sending paper returns to taxpayers every year, which might be damaged or torn up,
Also, manual storage was replaced by electronic storage, which saved the department storage fees, which became costly due to the increase in the number of files over the estimated fiscal years in the department and led to the ease of retrieving file information, as it became possible to browse the information and pages of the file electronically without the need to refer to the paper file By linking the e-government program with the electronic archiving system prepared by the department to save its documents.

The program has provided the electronic payment service for the due balances without the need for the taxpayer to review the department or the competent bank, and provides speed in completing the information so that immediate results of the required service appear and within a record time, because the citizen who submits the self-assessment statement electronically can know the taxes due on this statement at the moment Finish filling it out either as a balance due or as an income tax credit.

It is mentioned that this program needs the participation of the taxpayer because it is not like other websites that provide fixed information only, and that all e- government transactions are treated in strict confidentiality and no person or entity is allowed to view their contents, as the department has signed agreements to protect the sites and preserve the confidentiality of information with the authorities competent international.

The e-government program implemented by the Department in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Economy provides many services, most notably the submission of declarations, which include individual employees, regular companies, and joint stock companies. It is also possible to obtain a statement of the estimated tax years, the amount of due, paid and installment balances, and many tax information of interest to citizens, in addition to the possibility Updating and amending the personal information of the citizen directly so that the taxpayer can update the residence address, work address, mailing address, work destinations, change the marital status, etc. when needed.
 In view of the importance of the services provided through the e-government
project to citizens, the department has carried out a comprehensive promotional campaign that included holding free training courses for a number of companies and taxpayers, field visits, and participation in exhibitions held within the Kingdom to introduce these services.
The demand for subscribing to this service has increased from many taxpayers, whether they are citizens, individuals, or ordinary and joint-stock companies.
The Department calls on all sectors of taxpayers to benefit from these free services provided by the Department, with the need to expedite the submission of declarations before the end of the legal period in order to avoid legal fines.
Noting that the department is ready to hold free training courses in the field of e- government and tax awareness.
In recent years, the department has expanded in providing services electronically to include all tax services, including daily reviews and requests, as electronic tax
services exceeded (61) services to reach comprehensive and integrated electronic services.
It is noteworthy that the electronic services provided by the Department in the field of income and sales taxes include: - Electronic services


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