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Department Goals

The Department Goals: 

The department aims to:

1. Manage and organize tax work to ensure that the treasury is supplied with revenues that enable it to serve the citizen in accordance with international best practices.

2. Achieve the highest levels of voluntary commitment and tax compliance and applying tax legislation and procedures in an efficient and effective manner.

3. Enhance the taxpayers’ confidence in the electronic tax services provided by the department according the latest technological systems and meet the needs of stakeholders by ensuring the application of good governance concepts.

4. Manage and develop human competencies, establish a culture of creativity, innovation and institutional excellence at the work environment, and develop the department's infrastructure.

Strategic Goals  
  •  Modern tax legislation.
  •   Reducing tax evasion.
  •  Empowering and qualifying employees.
  •   Improving taxpayers' satisfaction and enhancing voluntary commitment.
  •  Fair, effective and governed auditing system.
  •   Intelligent, efficient and simplified proactive services.

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