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To contact the Taxpayers Services Center - Tel: +96262222130

To contact via WhatsApp: +96262222130

To contact the Public Administration Department - Tel:+96264604444

To contact the Public Administration Department - Fax:+96264624599

Address:Income and Sales Tax Department - Jabal Amman - Third Circle.

Email : istd@istd.gov.jo

To assist in submitting income tax returns for employees electronicallyistd@istd.gov.jo

To provide information : info@istd.gov.jo

To submit a suggestion or creative idea electronically: excellence@istd.gov.jo

To submit a complaint or suggestion Click here

To request the right to obtain information https://istd.gov.jo/En/List/Directorates

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To view the addresses and phones of tax services directorates and centersClick here

To view the maps and locations of the directorates and centers of tax services,Click here

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